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UBITECH talks about the orchestration of cloud-native application in the programmable 5G at the MATILDA 5G and Beyond Workshop

The MATILDA 5G & Beyond Workshop was originally proposed and accepted to be held in conjunction with the 6G Wireless Summit, and was planned to be held in Levi, Finland, on March 20, 2020. Owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, all Tutorials and Workshops scheduled on March 19 and 20 were cancelled, and eventually the 6G Wireless Summit itself was transformed into a virtual event. Thus, MATILDA has decided to follow a similar path, organizing the workshop as a webinar on June 30, 2020. The goal of this workshop is to present the main assets and business models for the whole MATILDA solution and its vertical demonstrators and the potential of their evolution toward 6G, where, by mapping application requirements to network slice configuration and allowing fast dynamic adaptation of resources, it may contribute to empower European SMEs and other stakeholders in the development of more efficient 5/6G-aware applications and foster innovative vertical industries. The workshop will include presentations on the MATILDA assets from Consortium partners and will also welcome invited speakers from academia and the industrial sector, from application developers to Telco Service Providers, possibly followed by a panel discussion. Presentations will be upon invitation only.

The integration of vertical industries in the design of the fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks is seen as a cardinal facet to support the introduction of digital technologies in economic and societal processes and open truly global markets for innovative digital business models, leading to the fourth industrial revolution. For this reason, the demands of industrial stakeholders acting at different levels, from application/service developers to telecom/cloud infrastructure providers, should be considered as high-priority drivers of 5G networks design by involving them in the 5G ecosystem since the beginning and preparing them to the further forthcoming Beyond-5G evolution (6G). The MATILDA Project targets a coordinated, highly dynamic and fully automated control of all the resources/services at any layer to enable verticals autonomically deploying and managing the lifecycle of their 5G-ready applications in a multi-tenant/domain ecosystem. This holistic approach will not only empower application developers by providing them with the appropriate tools to lower the barriers for creating 5/6G-ready applications, but it will also significantly contribute to bridge the gap between the verticals and the underlying cloud/edge network: by leveraging on the “softwarization” process, network operators’ infrastructures will be transformed into distributed datacenters with advanced virtualization, software-driven capabilities, and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) support, shifting the role of telecommunication service providers in the Information and Communication Technology value chain.

In this context, UBITECH’s R&D Director Dr Panagiotis Gouvas talks about the deployment and orchestration of Cloud-native applications in the programmable 5G infrastructure. You may watch his talk here: