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Successful final review for the UNICORN H2020 Innovation Action in Brussels

The second and final contractual review meeting for the UNICORN H2020 co-funded research project ( took place in Brussels on February 4, 2020. The UNICORN consortium successfully presented the results of the work of the project during the last 18 months of project (from M19 up until M36). UBITECH, as the leader of WP3 entitled Orchestration and Resource Management, presented the updates in the technical architecture and the technical highlights of the UNICORN platform. UBITECH also presented its proof of concept demonstrator, utilizing the UNICORN platform for the multi-Cloud deployment of its CryptoPhone Voice-over-IP secure telephony solution, showcasing the simplified design, deployment and management of secure and elastic – by design – multi-Cloud services. This was achieved by developing a policy and security aware, multi-cloud orchestrator that combines resource management, containerized services deployment over microVMs, and constant policy enforcement for managing optimized elasticity (developed mainly by UBITECH). UBITECH contributing also in the dissemination of and the increase of the general awareness about the UNICORN by participating at the DockerCon 2019 (San Francisco, USA) as a Copper Sponsor and demonstrating its MAESTRO Orchestrator, that constitutes UBITECH’s commercial offering of the UNICORN platform incorporating some of the UNICORN platform’s components developed by UBITECH. Finally, UBITECH has supported most of the twelve validation contest winners SMEs to benefit from the UNICORN platform in the frame of the development and deployment of their services and has got great feedback about the improvements and added-value features that the UNICORN platform needs, going the extra mile and implementing the most of them before the final review.