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UBITECH’s success story on 5G technologies is included in NetWorld2020’s brochure on SME Expertise and Skills in the 5G Domain

The European Technology Platform for telecommunications and related services and applications, NetWorld2020, has released the second, revised and updated version of the brochure entitled “SME Expertise and Skills in the 5G Domain”, that aims at showing the expertise and skills from selected European Small and Medium -sized Enterprises (SMEs) in 5G and related domains, focusing more on the expertise that could be useful in various industry vertical sectors. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have an important role to play in developing, piloting and deploying 5G technologies, both to help with disruptive technologies and to address the needs of various vertical sectors. European SMEs have a great added value in providing innovative concepts and solutions that are having an important impact on the 5G value chain. They have the agility and flexibility required in a fast evolving technical and market landscape.

In particular, NetWorld2020’s brochure highlights UBITECH’s expertise and ongoing activities towards the design and development of intelligent orchestration mechanisms that has led to the implementation and continuous evolution of the MAESTRO Orchestrator. MAESTRO is mainly focusing on interconnecting vertical applications orchestration with network services orchestration based on the instantiation and management of application-aware network slices.

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