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UBITECH presents ANASTACIA and PaaSword EC funded projects on digital security at the H2020 Project Clustering Event organized by ReCRED

UBITECH participates at the major H2020 project clustering event, organized by ReCRED, on January 31st, 2018 in Athens, wherein more than 20 EU funded projects participate, presenting their objectives and results and share their implementation experiences. Constituting an important dissemination event, it facilitates the discussion between partners, the knowledge exchange between different projects and enables also future synergies and collaborations showcasing the wide impact that these projects have not only to industry and service providers but also to EU citizens. Invited by the ReCRED consortium, UBITECH introduces the ANASTACIA and PaaSword H2020 projects.

On the one hand, ANASTACIA constitutes an H2020 security and privacy project that addresses cyber-security concerns by researching, developing and demonstrating a holistic solution enabling trust and security by-design for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) based on IoT and Cloud architectures. ANASTACIA develops a trustworthy-by-design security framework which will address all the phases of the ICT Systems Development Lifecycle (SDL) and will be able to take autonomous decisions through the use of new networking technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and intelligent and dynamic security enforcement and monitoring methodologies and tools.

On the other hand, PaaSword is an H2020 project on Cloud security and privacy-by-design technologies with ten partners from industry and academia. By maximizing the trust of individuals and corporate customers in the cloud, it is expected to enable European enterprises to unlock valuable business, economic and operational benefits. In particular, PaaSword offers a security by design framework enabling security annotations, transparently in your IDE, transformed into context-aware security policies that enforce access control, cryptographic protection and physical distribution for securing sensitive data. Finally, PaaSword provides encrypted storage and context-aware access control for Platform-as-a-Service. It thereby delivers key components to protected next generation cloud applications against internal and external adversaries.