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UBITECH kicks off the FUDGE-5G Innovation Action on Fully Disintegrated Cloud-native 5G Private Networks

UBITECH participates in the virtual kick-off meeting, hosted by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (September 8-9, 2020), of the FUDGE-5G Innovation Action, officially started on September 1st, 2020.  The project is funded by European Commission under Horizon 2020 Programme (Grant Agreement No. 957242) and spans on the period September 2020 – February 2023. The vision of the FUDGE-5G project is to create a new generation of world leading 5G core network technology companies for private 5G networks based in Europe. FUDGE-5G will make a leap forward in realizing the notion of cloud-native 5G private networks by developing a further enhanced Service-Based Architecture (eSBA) for both control plane and user plane with “decomposed” players of the ecosystem divided into: New Radio (NR) access network infrastructure provider, eSBA platform provider, mobile 5G Core (5GC) provider, vertical application orchestration provider and vertical service provider.

The forward-looking FUDGE-5G architecture will also feature “all-Ethernet” 5GLAN (Local Area Network), 5G-TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), 5G-Multicast and intelligent vertical application orchestration features. The proposed framework enables highly customized cloud-native deployment of private 5G networks. FUDGE-5G will accelerate the (inevitable) shift to a fully software-based 5G core network by offering a disintegrated environment where components, both in control and user plane, can be deployed anywhere as micro-services (i.e., edge, on premises and cloud), being agnostic to the underlying infrastructure. This softwarization exposing 5G NR HW to third parties will enable the usage of off-the shelf commodity HW to deliver additional cost savings, faster deployments and ultimately greater adoption for private networks.

Within FUDGE-5G, UBITECH deals with the development of the vertical application and end-to-end orchestration logic, and specifically with the building of the required service packaging pipeline, the service deployment and data analytics engines, as well as the interfacing with the vertical end users, the operator and the underlying eSBA plarform.