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UBITECH explains how Big Data and AI technologies foster predictive maintenance in digital factories at the EuroPho21 end-users workshop

UBITECH has been invited to give a talk in the field of smart, predictive maintenance, Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies at the “Photonics for the Digitalisation of Industrial Manufacturing” end-users workshop (held on December 8, 2017, in Athens), organized by the Greek Technology Platform in Photonics (PhotonicsGR) and the Hellenic Photonics cluster (HPhos) in the framework of the European CSA project EuroPho21. The event aimed to bring closer the photonics community and various industrial sectors for addressing main challenges and problems that face today towards the digitalization of their manufacturing processes. In that respect, the event focused on Laser material processing, Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs) and other photonics technologies including specific use cases, while in parallel provided key messages for addressing horizontally other industrial sectors with products and services.

UBITECH has taken advantage of this opportunity, and, as a guest speaker, introduced to the audience the UPTIME unified framework and methodology for predictive maintenance strategy implementation, which incorporates real-time big data- driven streaming and processing technologies as well as machine learning algorithms in all steps of the unified predictive maintenance approach, i.e. the signal processing phase, the diagnosis and prognosis phase, the maintenance decision making phase, the maintenance implementation phase and the industrial operations management phase.