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UBITECH establishes strategic partnership with Exit Bee both as an investor and as their main technology provider

As the related due diligence process has completed successfully, UBITECH is signing today an investment agreement with Exit Bee for acquiring almost 10% of this novel start-up specialized in digital marketing and online advertising, as well as a strategic partnership agreement for becoming their main technology vendor, providing Exit Bee with software engineering and devops consulting services. Exit Bee re-defines what’s possible in display advertising with Smart Exit Ads, a new, premium channel for advertisers and a new revenue stream for publishers. Smart Exit Ads outperform any other display advertising format achieving over 96% viewability and up to 40 times higher click-through rate compared to the avg. banner, while introducing new ad formats and unlimited creative options. Smart Exit Ads are already being used by large advertisers across all industries (e.g., automotive, cosmetics, news media, banking, etc.) and by top publishers and media agencies in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kenya, South Africa, UK and UAE. For more info about the activities and services of Exit Bee, the new member of UBITECH Group, please visit their corporate website: