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UBITECH ENERGY: The new member of UBITECH family

UBITECH joins forces with Energy Research Innovators, with a long track record in the identification, design, development and commercialization of research and innovation smart energy projects, and establishes UBITECH ENERGY in Brussels, Belgium. Building upon a deep and thorough understanding of energy systems current needs and future challenges, and addressing a wide range of technologies and domains – including smart grid solutions, energy efficiency, IoT, cybersecurity and data privacy, renewables integration, energy markets and services, blockchain technology, cloud computing and big data analytics, the vision of UBITECH ENERGY is to revolutionize the energy value chain with new technologies and pave the way for its new digital era.

In particular, the technology focus of UBITECH ENERGY incudes:

  • smart grid observability and control, including sensor based systems for real time delivery of ‘instrumentation values’ and processing for grid services;
  • advanced predictive analytics, including prognosis of energy systems events, demand patterns and generation volatility;
  • semantic interoperability middleware, supporting new platforms for seamless and coordinated data sharing and operation among energy stakeholders for provision of common services;
  • hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) power system simulations, for the development and testing of complex real-time embedded systems in the smart grid;
  • blockchain marketplaces, decentralizing energy transactions alongside the physically decentralized energy resources;
  • development and training of deep learning models, to build knowledge architectures upon the streams of energy data that will aid strategic decision making;
  • constraint-driven optimization using heuristics, facing the relevant energy markets, asset management and T&D system operation challenges; and
  • privacy and cyber security tools for risk management and mitigation, making the energy power systems more robust and resilient in case of imminent cyberattacks.