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UBITECH demonstrates the MATILDA End-to-End 5G Network Services and Vertical Apps Orchestrator at the EUCNC 2018

UBITECH is coordinating the presentation of the MATILDA 5G PPP project demonstration in the EUCNC’s exhibition area at 19-21 of June 2018 ( The exhibition is going to take place at Booth #21, while the main theme of the demonstration is going to be “MATILDA – Orchestrating 5G Ready Emergency Services”.

The vision of MATILDA is to design and implement a holistic 5G end-to-end services operational framework tackling the lifecycle of design, development and orchestration of 5G-ready applications and 5G network services over programmable infrastructure, following a unified programmability model and a set of control abstractions. It aims to devise and realize a radical shift in the development of software for 5G-ready applications as well as virtual and physical network functions and network services, through the adoption of a unified programmability model, the definition of proper abstractions and the creation of an open development environment that may be used by application as well as network functions developers. Intelligent and unified orchestration mechanisms are applied for the automated placement of the 5G-ready applications and the creation and maintenance of the required network slices.

Under this perspective, the objective of the demonstration is to showcase the first release of the MATILDA orchestrator capabilities based on 5G Ready Emergency Services Use Case demonstration. Specifically, focus is going to be given on the 5G-ready emergency service application graph design and development functionalities, along with the mechanisms supported for the creation of the network slice intent and the request for the instantiation of the appropriate network slice by a telecom operator.