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UBITECH demonstrates the MATILDA 5G Applications End to End Orchestration Framework at the 5G PPP Demo Stand at ICT 2018

UBITECH is going to support the demonstration of the MATILDA 5G PPP project results in the 5G In Action Demo Stand entitled “Building the next-generation network” at ICT 2018. The demonstration is going to take place at the 5th of December 2018, from 9:00 to 13:00, at the stand with number C23-C29 in the exhibition center area “Creating Networks & Technology” (Hall X4). The overall demonstration is going to show the main operational aspects of the MATILDA orchestration framework, focusing on the capacity for realising end-to-end orchestration of Cloud-native applications over 5G infrastructure. Specifically, demonstration of the MATILDA end-to-end orchestration framework for Cloud-native applications over 5G infrastructure is going to take place, based on the “5G emergency communications” application, provided by ININ (Ljubljana, Slovenia), supporting communication and interaction among first responders over an application aware network-slice. The main functionalities of the MATILDA Vertical Application Orchestrator, the provided OSS/BSS and the set of dynamic network slice creation and management functionalities are going to be demonstrated. It should be noted that, with over 60 different 5G PPP experiments planned across Europe in 2018-2020, the overall 5G In Action interactive booth will showcase demos from the best applications delivered by projects funded in the context of the 5G PPP under Horizon2020.