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UBITECH demonstrates the MAESTRO 5G Applications Orchestrator in the Mobile World Congress 2019

UBITECH is demonstrating the MAESTRO 5G Applications Orchestrator in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 in Barcelona, through its participation in the Mobile World Capital stand at CS40. MWC Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies, with a highly-rated conference programme assembling today’s visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry. In the provided demo, a set of innovative features developed within the framework of the MATILDA 5G PPP project are demonstrated based on a Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) application.

It should be noted that MAESTRO comes up with a novel and holistic approach for tackling the overall lifecycle of applications’ design, development, deployment and orchestration in a 5G ecosystem. A set of novel concepts are introduced, including the design and development of 5G-ready applications -based on cloud-native/microservices-based applications development principles, the separation of concerns among the orchestration of the developed applications and the required network services that support them, as well as the specification and management of network slices that are application-aware and can lead to optimal application execution. MAESTRO follows a top-down approach where applications design and development leads to the instantiation of application aware-network slices, over which vertical industries applications can be optimally served. Different stakeholders are engaged in this process, however with clear separation of concerns among them.

In the presented PPDR demo, the 5G-ready emergency response application is deployed in an automated way over 5G programmable infrastructure in a dynamically created application-aware network slice, while elasticity policies are dynamically enforced highlighting the horizontal scalability aspects of the orchestration and profiling results are extracted taking advantage of advanced analytics processes. A video from the provided demo is made here.