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UBITECH co-organizes, coordinates and participates in 5G technologies -related workshops and special sessions at EUCNC 2018

Through its involvement in the MATILDA and 5GTANGO 5G PPP ( projects, UBITECH co-organizes and is actively involved in a series of workshops and special sessions organized at the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EUCNC) that is going to take place in Ljubljana at 18-21 of June 2018.

First of all, UBITECH actively participates in Workshop 2 (, that is entitled “From cloud ready to cloud native transformation: What it means and Why it matters”- co-organized by MATILDA and 5GTANGO 5G PPP projects, and endorsed by the 5G-PPP Software Networks Working Group. This workshop will promote and stimulate the discussion about development of new research directions for building a stronger abstraction layer for the cloud, programmable infrastructure, cognitive management, flexible programmability of 5G networks services, managing application lifecycle in the cloud, etc. In this context, UBITECH will present a novel approach for the design, development and orchestration of 5G end-to-end applications and network services, by adhering cloud native software development principles.

Moreover, UBITECH participates in Workshop 3 (, that is entitled “Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G” – co-organized by MATILDA 5G PPP project. This workshop aims at putting in common the results in the area of multi-actor orchestration, fog and edge computing, by strengthening the liaison between 5G-PPP phase 1 projects and new 5G-PPP projects conducting research in the areas of SDN and NFV multi-domain orchestration and federation, fog, edge and distributed cloud computing, empowering effective knowledge transfer, potent partnerships and mutual collaboration amongst them.

In addition to this, UBITECH has significant contribution in Workshop 6 (, that is entitled “5th International Workshop on programmable networks: Demystifying software networks for Vertical Industries”- co-organized by MATILDA and 5GTANGO 5G PPP projects. This workshop aims at bringing together top researchers in the area of network slicing, intelligent orchestration, validation and verification, monitoring and development of Vertical-oriented Network Applications as well as of technologies for exploiting virtual network functions and network softwarization mechanisms from vertical industries use cases. Special focus will be given on the usage of the proposed software network technologies by the several related vertical industries, such as smart factories, media, and smart cities. Within this workshop, UBITECH will present the mechanisms designed and developed within the MATILDA and 5GTANGO 5G PPP projects related to advanced solutions for network slicing, validation and verification, monitoring and development of Vertical-oriented Network Applications and intelligent orchestration solutions.

Finally, UBITECH is invited to make a pitch at the Special Session 5 (, entitled “5G Architecture towards Verticals”. In particular, UBITECH participates at the vendors view pitches providing an overall view of challenges tackled by service providers and telecom operators in terms of common network slice definition, instantiation and management.