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Successful midterm review for ChildRescue Innovation Action in Brussels

The first contractual midterm review meeting for the ChildRescue H2020, No 780938, co-funded research project ( took place in Brussels on September 20, 2019. ChildRescue aims at effectively and timely raising collective awareness and instigating instant community action during the investigation of missing children. It is an ambitious project with a social impact that aims to assist the investigation of missing children and the discovery and identification of unaccompanied minors using state-of-the-art technologies and an innovative methodology. The ChildRescue consortium successfully presented the results of the work of the project during the first 18 months of project. UBITECH, as the responsible partner and leader of the privacy and anonymization methodology of the project as well as the leader of the ChildRescue Mobile App and the technical validation and verification of the ChildRescue Platform, presented the ChildRescue Privacy and Anonymization Framework, the first version of the Childrescue Mobile App and assured the delivery of the fully integrated and technically verified ChildRescue Platform, implemented in collaboration with Suite5 and SingularLogic.