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Successful final review for the PrEstoCloud H2020 Research and Innovation Action in Brussels

The second and final contractual review meeting for the PrEstoCloud H2020 co-funded research project took ( place in Brussels on February 6, 2020. The PrEstoCloud consortium has successfully presented the results of the work of the project at the final 18 months of project. UBITECH developed and integrated a highly efficient security mechanism for Cloud and Edge devices and provided a toolkit for networking connectivity with end-to-end encryption for Cloud and Edge devices, even on the go, based on latest mesh networking advancements. UBITECH, who constitutes the integrator of PrEstoCloud, has supported the three pilot organizations to demonstrate PrEstoCloud in three diverse use cases, i.e. Video Surveillance, Logistics and Mobile Journalism, taking the initiative for the creation of an assistive web-based user interface that ease users to achieve elastic deployments for processing data at both Cloud and Edge.