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New manuscript on data sources reliability and quality has been accepted for publication at the Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Journal

Following a peer-review process, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Journal published by Elsevier has accepted to publish a scientific manuscript entitled “Analyzing data and data sources towards a unified approach for ensuring end-to-end data and data sources quality in healthcare 4.0”, co-authored by UBITECH and UPRC. In this paper, Konstantinos Perakis, Dimitris Miltiadou, Stamatis Pitsios and their co-authors demonstrate an innovative mechanism for assessing the quality of various datasets in correlation with the quality of the corresponding data sources. For that purpose, the mechanism follows a 5-stepped approach through which the available data sources are detected, identified and connected to health platforms, where finally their data is gathered. Once the data is obtained, the mechanism cleans it and correlates it with the quality measurements that are captured from each different data source, in order to finally decide whether these data sources are being characterized as qualitative or not, and thus their data is kept for further analysis.