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A successful review for the BigDataStack H2020 project in Luxembourg with UBITECH’s live demonstration of the integrated PaaS platform

The first contractual review meeting for the BigDataStack H2020 funded research project, under Grant Agreement No 779747, took place in Luxembourg on July 16, 2019. The BigDataStack project delivers an infrastructure management system for the holistic management of computing, storage and networking resources, encompassing techniques for runtime adaptations of all BigDataStack operations and realizing Data as a Service through seamless data functions across the complete data path and lifecycle. BigDataStack incorporates approaches that range from data-focused application analysis and dimensioning, process modelling, cluster resources / nodes characterization, management and runtime optimization, to information-driven networking.

The BigDataStack consortium successfully presented the results of the technical, coordination, dissemination and communication work performed during the first 18 months of the project. UBITECH, as the infrastructure provider, presented a live end-to-end demonstration of the integrated BigDataStack platform by coupling the infrastructure, the data services and the applications in a adaptable and seamless manner.

UBITECH has successfully demonstrated the Data Toolkit in the BigDataStack review meeting which automates the execution of analytic workflows by means of analytic task ingestion capabilities in a data-intensive pipeline, attributes definition of each analytic task involved in the workflow, data operations concretization and user-defined hard and soft quality of service constraints and requirements for the fashion that the interconnected tasks are interacting.

Overall the project was presented with success with the technical work demonstrated in a very good quality, especially the M18 end-to-end live demonstration which was very demanding, while the feedback from the reviewers was helpful and motivational towards the BigDataStack team to keep up with the fruitful work.